The relations and partnership between Arabs and Israel are no longer taboo

It may be the fear of Iran that accentuates the rapprochement between Arabs and Israelis Visits and invitations follow one another and cooperation is in full swing .

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treck across America

Usa,the richest country national parks, forests,wild animals and museums,follow the guide

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Hymn to America

Hard to imagine a world without a dissuasive America, America is the Mother of the world

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Woonded rights !

Blacks and whites are victims of police begging,abuse against prisoners and homeless

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Arab world revives anarchy


Despite the glorious past and the power of fuel and gas the Arab countries can not emerge in respectable power or permanent allies, the misfortune of this nation comes from their leaders in the first place...and the future looks less promising Read more

Water destructive risk or devastating war


Morocco deploys about 150 dams and 20 billion cubic meters, the others are far behind ... and with climate change, those who escape the tsunamis may perish in the war of water or thirst See topic

Fashion Caftan and Clothing

mosquee A piece of cloth that the Moroccan genius has fashioned to make it a symbol of prestige and bourgeoisie around the world, See topic

Art folklore

Amazigh Folk and rythmes>


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wiki World

All you need to know about the countries of the world, geography, population, museum, nature and visa to see before deciding on your next trip
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Trum President

With President Trump,Usa
regains its manhood.America
needed a strong and strategic
president who did not bow to
the proposals of European
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fishing industry

The fishery processing and processing industry occupies a privileged place in the World economy,The freezing activity of seafood occupies an important place among conservation and processing activities too

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