From the generals of onions and milk in Algeria to the generals of the camel in Sudan

Rapid support forces are paramilitary militias composed of Janjaweed mercenaries
It is under the control and rule of Mohammed Hamdan Daklub Hamidati
His level of education does not exceed the age of primary education to join the age of 15 years camel and trade in it
The role of the troops emerged after the coup against al-Bashir and played the most prominent role in the violent repression of pro-democracy demonstrators, which is known as the crime of dismantling the sit-in Khartoum
As a result, the victims of 87 people killed and 168 others were injured on 3 June as a result of the shooting,
As usual, military generals try to escape from the court and follow up by giving them
Immunity in the agreement and the issues of martyrs and violations that have occurred issues are not obscured by any political agreement will not be a statute of limitations will not concede to the Sudanese people and will not accept
Today by virtue of the General Emperor also signed with Bashir