Ukraine, the second largest state in Europe

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Ukraine is the second largest state in Europe.
It is bordered by the Black Sea and the Sea of ??Azov to the south,
it has borders with Russia to the north and east, with Belarus
to the north, with Poland, Slovakia and Hungary to the west and with
Romania and Moldova to the southwest.

Ukraine is proclaimed on August 24, 1991 independent from Russia.
since 2013, demonstrations succeed , the army uses real
weapons to control the Ukrainians who want to be part of Europe

capital city: Kiev
population: 45 million
national currency: hryvnia
Airport: total of 412
armed forces: 280,000 active military, and 700,000 reservists.

the President: Petro Poroshenko
archiv Mimouni

archiv Mimouni

Ukraine map:
archiv Mimouni

Ukraine arerea:
1,316 km from east to west
893 km from north to south,
area 603 550 km2

Ukrainian is the official language but thirteen other minority
languages ??are recognized, including Russian, which
dominates in the East of the country and in Odessa

Mineral resources:
iron, steel, uranium, potash

sunflower, walnuts, sugar beets