According to Tic Morocco, telecoms operator Inwi has lost 934
thousand customers in one quarter, the number of mobile
subscribers has also lost mass and stabilizes at about 41
million instead of 43 million in 2016.
The market shares accruing to each operator are as follows:
Morocco telecom approximately: more than 43 ° / °
Inwi: more than 22 ° / °
Meditel Orange; more than 33 ° / °

The losses of telecom operators
establish themselves as follows:
Inwi loses More than 934 thousand customers
mobiles followed by Orange
Morocco with more than 640 thousand customers
less then Morocco
Telecom with more than 256 thousand
customers in a single quarter

The Moroccan customer is not totally
satisfied with offers
whose flows do not match
not usually to those
provided in the contracts and offers, as well as the service
assistance and reception are far from acceptable,
machines that host claims and are almost
always without consequences
Anarchy in the offers let feel the chaos that
characterize this sector, refills are multiplied
graciously 10 and 17 times show the drift