Three countries imploding

The implosion is the result of an external expression superior to the internal one, and in this case, the weight accumulated during years in an unbearable social life and the observation to see individuals profit by themselves from the resources of the country lead today to this paradox.

Iraq, Algeria and Lebanon are imploding.

Algeria has been a victim of mismanagement and corruption for years, today they manage to see the end of the tunnel but the exit remains hazardous. We had a moment of fear of excesses, it is months that the country is under demonstrations fortunately that Gaid Salah proved much more responsible and equitable than any other military or leader, wish him the courage and the strength to keep his citizens in zone without risk.

Let’s move on to Iraq, in principle led by politicians masters in strategy and who proved otherwise, in less than a month they killed more than 240 citizens and wounded more than 8000 others not to mention those who were beaten a excess. The carnage continues ….

Finally Lebanon, the whole people is in the street, he wants to dissolve this government corrupt, the leaders have finally agreed to offload half of their staggering salary but it is too late. The outcome seems very dark for this beautiful country