In God ,America trust
In America, the world must trust
America, the good mother of the world, be serein we watch over you

With President Trump, America regains its manhood
Tachelhite mimouni
America needed a strong and strategic president who did not bow to the proposals of European countries seeking to position themselves at the same level as the Americans. for a long time America has had a president of this caliber who has placed America at the top of the list of nations and forcing others to be content with their situations. Trump, the prominent businessman and politician, seems to be the revered leader who knows how to manipulate and measure politics and make it more profitable to Americans. He has questioned many of the previous decisions that have been hastily taken and that are putting the American at a disadvantage. The dosage of aid to the countries of the world has been subjected to strict conditions and beneficial to the American Citizens

in 2018, a dozen countries are on the list to share the Amaeicain magot whose total sum exceeds 35 billion dollars. In fact, America has always submitted bottle-fed countries to ensure their fidelity and discipline. Israel and Egypt peak at the top with thousands of billions followed by: Jordan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambya, Pakistan etc.
This fabulous treasure offered to others is not the only way to tame the Third World, the silence on the atrocities committed and the failure to respect the rights of the citizens is also a way to put pressure on the leaders and make them docile