A wave of sparks for our national tv, a wave of
pleasure for our eyes and our hearts thanks to the songs
and the art of creating our artist saida charaf The lucky winner of the trophy Khmissa Morocco 2008 for artists
Saaida Charaf famous singer from the Moroccan Sahara who was able to win on the national stage and by his songs, his way and its charm

Saida Charaf is a singer from Laayoune, city
Morocco’s largest in the Sahara, located on the edge of the
Atlantic coast. It’s in the city of Agadir in Morocco that Saida started university studies in Arabic literature. She begins her career
professional as a journalist Television offers him his first job but
also the chance to be discovered thanks on the program “Assahraton Lakoum” broadcast on the 2M channel. Very quickly nicknamed “the Saharaoui diva”, Saida Charaf connects the festivals in Morocco but also through the world. Attached to her roots, she excels in the
Saharaoui repertoire but exercises to Amazigh songs,
or Berber, and traditional Moroccan.
Her patriotism even pushes her to stand on
scene in traditional Saharaoui dress, the Haïk, long
cloth wrapped around the waist and restrained by a
belt. If his career starts in Morocco, Saida Charaf is
know in many countries like Libya, Egypt or
again Jordan and participates in multiple concerts
where she shares the stage with artists from
world renowned as Jean-Michel Jarre.
His talent and the beauty of his voice do not leave
indifferent the world of the 7th art that claims it
to interpret the soundtracks of films. It is
as she performs several songs such
that “Amana” who wins the prize for the best
Hassania song. The consecration opens his arms on March 8
2008 when she receives the award for the best artist of