The dictator Franco may have spared Europe from a certain Spanish carnage.

Given South Africa’s maverick past in South America and the savagery installed by its explorers in America to grease the cash flow of their country, it was not excluded that Spain would reduce Europe to slavery and servants of his empire.
The Spanish defeat against the Americans in Latin America marks the end of a long period of exploitation of humans by the Spaniards and the erasure of this bloodthirsty and insaportable empire and reduces it to the size of a kingdom and therefore easily absorbable.
Thus, Franco with only 23,000 Moroccan soldiers managed to subject the country to his dictatorship.
It should be noted, that Franco pure Spanish product has been repeatedly congratulated and encouraged for the crimes that he committed against the Moroccans, one could say that the ruibe of Spain was the fruit of his policy and his offspring