The participation of Moroccan Internet users in the Web content remains mediocre derisory and almost always of inappropriate value or even undermining the intellectual thought of Moroccan literary

We will not go into the details to avoid frustrating people but it is easy to see the nullity in the exchange of messages on the forums and
global networks. this criterion also affects the Moroccan partners of Youtube which favor the audience and thus the gain per click on the literary contents
The Moroccan population is the most connected in Africa and occupies
leading positions in world statistics is the second country
Africans on 54 and 20 th country in the world with the number of connected users. The number of connected Moroccans was 15 million in 2011 and was expected to approach 20 million today.
44 million Moroccans use the mobile phone and landline taking
account that one in three Moroccans use two or more gsm cards.
Morocco is thus above the world average for Internet access